Hemorrhoids: A nasty situation that can be resolved quite easily

My methods of relieving my hemorrhoid ssituation

If you are reading this then you probably are experiencing a literal “pain in the butt”.
There are many options out there that offer relief of such pain. There’s over the counter creams, suppositories, prescriptions, etc…
Let me tell you what worked for me. As many of you have (and are currently doing) I searched the internet high and low to find a solution that would ease the burning and itching I was feeling. I tried many (including some of the ones listed above) and yes it helped but only for a short while. I continued my search and found a solution that worked. I read that applying witch hazel extract to the area (for about 30 seconds) and then taking a sitz bath (a bath in which you only sit halfway in the tub in warm water) was the ultimate relief (at least for me).

Hemorrhoids. prevention

What I use for relief

Witch hazel can be purchased at most drug stores and major retailers ie. Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Target etc… To apply the witch hazel first wash your hands and the area in which you are going to apply it to then take either a cotton ball or a cotton round pad holding it in place for approximately 30 seconds (as explained above). Once you are done let the area air dry, in the meantime run a warm bath to sit in, once dry sit in the bath halfway (as explained above) for about 15 to 20 minutes. I found that a donut blow up pillow (made of vinyl) makes it easier to sit in that position. Once you are done let the area air dry again and hopefully you will soon feel some sort of relief. Do this regimen for as long as necessary.

A few friendly reminders to help avoid flair ups in the future. Do not sit on the toilet for any longer than 2 to 5 minutes at a time. Add more fiber to your diet, eat more fruits and vegetables. When wiping try to use a dry, wet, dry method, first use toilet paper then use a wet flushable wipe and then dry it off with toilet paper again. Try to stay away from spicy foods, trust me on this one. Make sure that you keep your bottom as clean as possible. Do not strain to go number 2, it will come out when its ready, if you are constipated use a mild laxative.
If you see blood in your stool see a doctor, this may be a sign of a more serious condition, or you may need surgery to have your hemorrhoids removed.
Thank you for reading this and good luck.

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