Energy Drinks and “it’s” effects on the liver

As sports fans and fitness people we all want to be at the top of our game.

And there are some of us that feel we need an extra boost and that is when we reach out for a energy drink such as red bull, monster or some other kind of supposed “energy booster”.

Energy drinks such as Red Bull, Monster, NOS has taken the world by storm during the past 15 years or so. Somewhere along the line we have all had some form of energy drink in our lives. What I did not know until recently is how these energy drinks effects the health of our liver. As I spoke about on my previous post I had been suffering from back pain for little while, which prompted me to make a visit to my Doctor. I explained to my Dr. where the pain was at and he told me that I needed to go for a lower abdomen x-ray to see if there was anything wrong with my hipbones or spinal cord since the pain was mostly on my lower back area. I also had to undergo a blood test which involved testing the functionality of my liver.

After about two weeks or so after the initial appointment with my doctor I went back to get my results pertaining to my x-rays and my blood results. The Dr. first told me that the x-rays showed no issues regarding my bones but my blood tests indicated that they might be something wrong with my liver. The Dr. told me that the enzyme count within my liver was extremely high, and asked me if I consumed alcohol. I told him that I do not drink a drop of alcohol which in turn he reacted quite surprised. The Dr. told me that a person with an abnormal enzyme count normally indicates a person that consumes alcohol on a daily basis. It is not normal for someone like me that does not drink alcohol to have these types of results. He asked me if there was anything that I consume on a daily basis in a liquid form.

liver enzymes count

Blood Test Results: My Liver Enzyme Count too high


I told the doctor that the only liquids that I consume are three basic things which are, coffee, water and energy drinks. That is when his eyebrows raised and replied that people who consume energy drinks on a daily basis usually have these types of results. Consuming energy drinks for a long period of time meaning months upon months will generally affect your liver in a negative way. The liver is an organ that purifies the body so when it is compromised by adding tons of sugar and chemicals that these energy drinks contain, its it is only natural to expect that the liver would have to work considerably harder to maintain the health of the human body. The Dr. instructed me to stop consuming anything that involves energy drinks because it was clear that my liver was not coping well.

So for those of you who make it a habit to have your daily Red Bull or any other form of energy drink please start thinking twice about it. I am not saying that you have to totally eliminate energy drinks from your daily routine but, at least reduce the amount of energy drinks to two or three per week instead of two or three per day.

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