Back Pain: muscle cramps, aching bones or something else?

Recently I have been experiencing some incredible back pain, and since I am at a tender age of 40, I first assumed that this could be derived from getting older.

When you get to my age, 40, it is natural to experience muscular and some bone pain especially if one has done a lot of sporting activities in one’s life.

I’ve recently discovered via my doctor that the pain that I’ve been experiencing on my back, more specifically from my upper back down to my lower back has been induced by muscle cramps which originates at the border of my hip bone.

From the top to the bottom of my back

Pain from the top to the bottom of my back


Many of us that suffer from lower back pain or just back pain in general normally assume that it is our bones, specifically hipbones and spine that are creating the pain but, 80% of the cases it has been proven that the pain originates from a muscular issues. This in fact is good news because, and muscular pain can easily be remedied with anti-inflammatories and simple home remedies such as using Epsom salts. It is only when one experiences pain that it originates at the back area of our bodies which is brought about by skeletal bone pain, that is when major problems can occur.

As you can imagine when I heard that the problems that I am having with my back is a simple spasming of certain muscles on my back I was quite relieved, my doctor simply told me to get some over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen and suggested that I bath at least once a week with Epsom salts. So far the painkillers have been doing its job as I have noticed that the pain has been reduced by at least 80%.

So for those of you who have been experiencing back issues when pain is concerned please do not assume that it is your bones aging, because it could be as simple as a twitched muscle that can give you a whole lot of grief like it has done for me.

Extra Note:

The pain that one experiences on our backs can also be misdiagnosed as kidney infections which can lead to you taking medication that you don’t have to take in the first place. It is common for people that suffer from kidney stones to experience a similar pain to a person that has or is experiencing muscle cramps especially on the lower back area.

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