The Importance of Bone Health in our Lives

Exercise (Sports) is crucial to maintain Healthy Bones.

This post is primarily targeted to wards people entering their 30’s and for those of you at the tender age of 40 to 50.

Most of us spend time thinking about superficialities when it concerns our health for example, “I have a stuffy nose”, “I think I have a stomach bug”, “my stomach is upset”. Don’t get me wrong, one should always pay attention to the small ailments that bother us but it is astounding when one does a bit of research on human health concerns, that it is rare that one finds a discussion amongst adults regarding bone health. To my opinion is one of the most under discussed topics amongst people and especially people that actually should be concentrating on their health regarding their bones.

It goes without saying that bones and our skeletal structure. It goes without saying that our bones makes up our skeletal structure and should be at the top of the list in regards to health maintenance. Our bone structure is an internal frame within our bodies, very similar to a building’s structure, the “I-frames” or rather “I-beams” within a building can be compared to the bones with in our bodies which keeps everything in place and in proportion. That is why bone health should be the topic of more discussions between healthcare workers and patients, and amongst adults in general. The reason why I am stressing the word “adults” is that once we get to a certain age, which is normally round about 30 years old or so our bone structure starts changing and transforming. Most of us know that bone density decreases once we get into our 30s but very few of us realize that there are things that can be done in order to maintain bone health, simple things that will prevent us from frequenting doctors offices in the future.

As I mentioned before our bones starts changing in our 30s and normally for the worse. Our bone density starts minimizing in our mid-30s onwards which goes without saying that we should pay a lot of attention to what is going on with in our bones, for if it was not for our bones, our bodies would simply collapse. It is said that the age group between 40 and 45 are the folks that should pay very close attention because it is during these years that one can make a very impressive effect on our bone health as to preserve the strength and density of our bones which will carry us through out the rest of our lives. So, I am stressing that just like any other part of our bodies our bones should and deserves our complete an undivided attention in order for it to be preserved and in order for it to serve us well throughout our entire lives.

The general rule of thumb in regards to understanding what the future may hold for you in regards to your bone health is to look at your bone structure. The rule goes like this: if you are a person of medium to large bone structure, you will have a better chance of preserving your bone health when compared to a person that has more of a petite bone structure. Normally woman that reach an age of 50 suffer from osteoporosis or brittle bone due to the physical nature of the skeletal properties that is naturally in a woman’s physique. But if you’re a man that also has a smaller bone structure you will have to take precautions in preserving your bones.

There are a few things that we can do to preserve the well-being and health of our bones, I will mention a few of these in this post:

-The first thing is exercise.It has been proven that the bodily motion that one finds in any form of exercise will strengthen the bones with in our bodies. This happens when movement is created and especially medium impact movements. The fibers of our bone structure make small cracks, cracks that are so minute that one cannot notice or feel them. These minute cracks with in our bones serve a very interesting purpose, as these tiny little fractures occur with in our bones due to exercise, they repair themselves when we are not exercising hence creating more bone on the bone. Which results in a stronger more dense bone structure.

My Calcium and Vitamin D3

My Calcium and Vitamin D3

-The next thing that one can do to preserve bone health is to take a daily regiment of calcium. We have always been told since we were kids that calcium will give us strong healthy bones which one can find in milk for instance. But nowadays it is a lot simpler to take a vitamin supplement with a calcium composition of at least 1200 mg per day.
-One may also take vitamin D3 in order to preserve bone health it has been proven that taking vitamin D will strengthen your bones and give you bone density.

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