Urinary Tract Infection: Fish Oil Out, Probiotics In

Fish Oil not always good!

The topic I want to speak about today is something that pertains to many people out there. The topic of UTI or a urinary tract infection is seldomly spoken about and seldomly mentioned on medical blogs and journals. About 10 days ago I noticed that when I urinated the stream did not seem as clear as it normally is. I did not think much about it when I first noticed it because looking at the quality of my urine does not normally cross my mind. But as the day progressed I started feeling a sensation at the lower half of my back which one can only describe as a mild muscular pain. Later in the evening I had to urinate again with the light of the bathroom on, and that is when I noticed that there was something really peculiar about how my urine stream looked like. I decided then and there that the next time I urinate I will urinate in a clear glass jar so that I can inspect it myself. At that specific moment I also noticed that my lower back pain was a bit more intense than earlier that day. So, before I went to bed that night, I made my last trip to the toilet. I got an empty glass jar from my kitchen cabinet went to the bathroom and urinated inside this jar. That is when I noticed that my urine was very cloudy, I could barely see through it. So I went to bed thinking if I don’t feel better the following morning I would make a point in making an appointment to see my doctor.


My Fish Oli, and my Probiotics to combat UTI

The following morning I woke up with an incredible lower back pain, almost like my muscles were cramping and the bones of my hips and my lower ribs were experiencing an acute pain. I stood up gingerly and went directly to the bathroom, I got my jar and urinated inside the jar and the same thing again, and extremely cloudy jar of urine. I must be honest I was completely alarmed at the sight of cloudy urine and to make it even worse the pain that I was experiencing on my lower back did not help with the paranoia that was arising within me. I wasted no time to pick up the phone and make an appointment to see my doctor. Luckily for me I was able to see him that very day.

When my doctor analyzed my urine he told me that I have UTI for a urinary tract infection. He also told me that it is easily rectified at not a serious problem. He began asking me. My doctor then started asking me questions regarding what I eat during the day and if I take any forms of medication or supplements. I told him that the only things that I consume in regards to supplements are vitamin D, fish oil tablets and calcium. He then explained to me something that I found quite interesting, he told me that most people that go to see him with a urinary tract infection are people that consume fish oil tablets. I found that interesting because fish oil tablets are supposed to be beneficial to the human body, but as I found out that is not always the case in certain people. Unfortunately for me I am one of those people that do not do well by taking fish oil tablets, and I had been taking fish oil for almost 2 months by then. The doctor suggested that I stop taking the fish oil and start taking probiotic tablets that contains at least 2 billion live cultures. He told me that I would experience a difference in a matter of days by doing so. If I did not see any difference in my condition one would be able to rule out that it was fish oil causing these problems.

So over the course of the next few days I eliminated fish oil and fish completely from my diet, and to my amazement after the third day I noticed a huge improvement in regards to my back pain and to the clarity of my urine. After five days I had no more back pain and my urine color and texture was completely normal. Thank goodness. I am not sure why some people react badly to fish oil but in my case I am going to stay away from it as far as possible. As for the probiotics I have decided that I will make it a permanent fixture of my life because probiotics not only helps fighting any form of urinary tract infection but it also keeps the digestive system in check. Probiotics keep the balance of good bacteria with in the bowel system which is clearly beneficial to me. So if you are experiencing a cloudy urine stream please check to see if you are consuming anything with forms of fish oil with in it. I hope this post sheds a tiny bit of information and will help you, especially those that are experiencing the same symptoms as I was.

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