Stop Smoking : Why I stopped, why you should never start

Cigarettes are the rusty nails in the Athlete’s life. Don’t SMOKE!

Now, this might sound strange even contradictory that I was once a long-term smoker in fact I was a smoker for 21 years. The reason why I say it is strange is because, I am a complete health nut but for the longest time I was doing some wrong things to, and that of course was smoking cigarettes I started smoking at the age of 16 and I eventually quit smoking by the age of 37. Although I used to smoke I was, and am an avid sports nut and used to exercise daily and still do. But it comes a time in one’s life especially during the later stages of one’s youth, one realizes that the human body although an extremely resilient machine it can only take so much toxicity. My main source of toxicity was cigarettes. It was only when I reached my 30s that the effects of smoking really started to get the better of me physically. I started realizing it’s that my body, or any human body for that matter is not designed to ingest so much talks toxic fumes into the lungs. The day I realized that I needed to make a serious change was about three years ago when I started feeling extremely lightheaded, I used to wake up with brain fog. When I first started experiencing this condition I thought it would go away by itself. I started feeling progressively more lethargic, more unfocused to a point where I really started wondering about my health. But the thing that got me most was that I was constantly feeling tired. For a person that has always been energetic and always “on the go”, the feeling of constantly being drained and sapt of energy really started to bother me. It made me feel limited in all that I did. It was not long after all the symptoms that I finally came to the conclusion that it could only be one thing, the one thing that I have been doing for so many years has finally caught up to me. That one that thing as you know by now is the beast called “cigarettes”. It took me about three months to muster up the courage and decide that I will finally end the habit of smoking, it was the hardest thing that I ever had to do. Within one year I quit about 12 times,hardly anything worked, I tried patches I tried prescribed pills and nothing worked. I eventually I tried something alternative that finaly gave me the willpower to give up cigarettes forever. That’s something I will tell you later on in this post.

The benefits of quitting smoking is beyond a smoker’s realization until that smoker steps up to the plate and quits for good. It was not long after I quit smoking that I started benefiting from a smoke-free life. One of the first symptoms to go away was the lack of alertness of my mind, I started becoming more focused on what I was doing, focused at work and focused at home. That to me was the greatest feeling, almost like finding myself again. Although getting my sense of smell and taste back into my life, the second most appreciative thing was gaining my energy back. I realized that I had been functioning like an old man for almost 10 years and once I stopped smoking, I gradually started feeling young again simply because I could breathe easier and therefore by breathing easier, I started functioning better physically and mentally.

Now that I have that out of the way I’m not going to bore you with all the possible ailments that one can suffer because of the habit of smoking cigarettes. We all know the serious health ramifications of tobacco, and nicotine and the hundreds if not thousands of carcinogens that is accompanied by smoking a cigarette. We have all seen the ads on TV, magazines and everywhere else warning you of the dangers of smoking so I have decided not to put you through that over here. We all know that smoking’s causes blood blood toxicity, lung disease, heart disease and numerous other health out ailments, so it is pointless for me to reiterate something that you already know.

What I want to emphasize today, is something that is hardly ever spoken about when it concerns the health ramifications of nicotine and tobacco. That’s something is the destruction of the nervous system that cigarettes can do. The nervous system or rather the central nervous system is the life base of our human body. If one has a malfunctioning nervous system one has a malfunctioning body and mind. And now since I am a sport and health fanatic, the nervous system is something that I really want to stress out especially in this context. The nervous system is connected to everything in our bodies, and for those of you who are aspiring athletes you would do yourself a great service by staying away from nicotine.

The mechanism that keeps that nervous system healthy is oxygen. Because smoking cigarettes reduces the level of oxygen and simultaneously increases the carbon monoxide levels within your blood it is obvious by this observation that your nervous system is going to bear the brunt of all this this toxic nonsense. I will give you a good example of what smoking cigarettes can do to the muscle reaction driven by the central nervous system. Most of you know what “twitch muscle reaction” is. It is the impulse reaction that your muscle has to a certain movement. A healthy muscle twitch reaction is about 260 ms. The twitch muscle reaction in an elite athlete is about 120 ms. The average smoker that has been smoking for five years or more has a muscle twitch reaction of 452 to 650 ms. Just that alone tells you a massive story of what nicotine and smoking does to the human body. It slows you down, it ages you to a point that your body has no option to deteriorate. So if you are an aspiring athlete wanting to run track, play football, basketball and baseball, anything that requires an extremely fast reaction time, you would passionately want to stay away from that beast called, cigarettes.

How I quit smoking:

the way i quit smoking

the way i quit smoking

The magic trick for me to quit smoking was very simple. Like I explained previously on this post, I tried a basically everything on the market, from patches to pills to potions and nothing worked. Until one day a friend suggested that I try and electronic cigarette. I must admit that I was not too keen on the idea of smoking or rather vaping an electronic cigarette, but I was desperate and I wanted to try anything and everything if it was going to help me. To my amazement these electronic cigarettes actually do work. I’m not saying that they work for everyone, but for me it worked like a dream. After three weeks of vaping I had lost all desire to touch a cigarette. Today I vape for about two hours a day and that is it, I don’t need any more. And it is important for me to say that I vape zero nicotine, meaning I only vape e-juice that contains flavorings with no nicotine content. Like I said it will be good for you to quit smoking on a “cold turkey” basis, but if you find it too difficult to handle my suggestion would be to give the healthier option to try.The moment has come to make millions of dollars. i am as successful

If you need help to quit here are a few links that could help you.

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