Weight Loss: How I lost 26 pounds in 12 weeks

Elliptical + Fish Oil tablets = an efficient weight loss program

I, just like many other people out there I arrived at point in my life where I was almost stagnating. At the beginning of last year I found myself looking at the mirror and thinking to myself, “I never used to look like this”. As a person that never gained weight easily I was always comfortable in the way I looked, until it came to that dreaded day when I look myself in the mirror and realized that there was something wrong. I later found out that it is not uncommon for 39-year-old men to pick up weight extremely fast during his late 30’s. Since the age of 22 I have always walked around at about 192 – 195 pounds, but that day when I was looking at myself I knew that I was not 195 pounds. I thought to myself :”I am a bit more than 195″. So later that afternoon, I drove out to the local Walmart and bought myself a scale to weigh myself on.

I lay the scale on my bathroom floor turned it on and to my surprise I weighed more than “a bit over 195” I was weighing 221 pounds. When I saw this it was like getting kicked in the stomach, because I have never seen myself as a person that is overweight, not even in the slightest. I’ve always been active and have had an athletic body pretty much all my life due to the sports I’ve played. So when I saw that number 221, I decided then and there that this will never happen again. At that moment I assessed my life in regards to my weight, and came up to the conclusion that it was an accumulation of not working out on a regular basis, not eating correctly and most of all not being aware of my physical condition.

My Weight Loss

MY Weight Loss Through 12 Weeks


I sat down in front of my computer, and scoured the Internet for a good weight loss program. As many of you know, and as I discovered, there are about 1 million weight loss programs that promise you magical things. The one seemed better than the other and so forth. I eventually became so discouraged simply because I did not know which one to choose since there are so many to choose from. Which one is the best?. I don’t want to be spending my time and energy on exercise programs, weight loss programs and guru ideas and find out at a later stage that it was all a waste of time, so I decided to keep it basic.

I knew right from the beginning I don’t want to be involved in a program that I am going to overexert myself and put too much energy in, I was set on that. So I went across the road to “Planet Fitness”, got myself a membership to the gym and started speaking to the physical trainers that are posted there. After discussing certain programs that are available to Planet Fitness I eventually decided that I would start off with a cardiovascular machine. The machine of choice for me was simple, it was the elliptical trainer. I chose the elliptical trainer simply because it looked easy to do and simply by looking at others working on the elliptical I came to the conclusion that this machine would put no stress or pressure on my joints, especially my knees. So the next day came and I started on my weight loss journey.

My first day on the elliptical was incredibly hard. On the elliptical machine one can choose the levels of difficulty the higher the level the more the in intense the workout, I started off on level II. Level II, I will have you know is extremely simple and not difficult at all, but when one starts on the elliptical on any level, it is always difficult. My first day on the elliptical I did 25 minutes I burnt 220 pounds calories, and that was it for me for the day. I was exhausted. In fact I contemplated if I should go back the next day because it just seemed too hard. With a little bit of willpower I went back again and started again. The second day was a bit better than the first day, thank goodness. I did about 27 minutes and burnt a few more calories than the previous day. This went on. After the second day I made a serious commitment to losing weight, and I promised myself I would not give up. So, I started going every single day except for Sunday. My time on the elliptical started increasing and by virtue of my time increasing the amount of calories burnt also started increasing. I eventually started doing one hour sessions on the machine and started burning a decent amount of calories with in that hour, not only did I spend more time on the elliptical but I also increased the levels of difficulty on the machine which made me burn even more calories.

It got to a point where I actually started enjoying going to the gym and burning these calories and I started losing weight progressively, not too fast. It was during my first week that I was doing a bit of research on the Internet concerning boosting one’s metabolism and burning more calories during a workout. My intention was not to spend too much money on products that promise weight loss to people. At the end of my research I decided to give something which is pretty simple a try, that little something is called fish oil tablets, that’s right I said “fish oil” tablets. I figured since fish oil tablets are not expensive to buy, what could it hurt?. When I combined my exercise routine with the fish oil tablets I was astounded by the amount of weight I lost. It’s during my first week of using or rather consuming the fish oils, I lost 6 pounds in one week’s. I started losing weight faster than I expected in fact at one stage I came to a point where I was contemplating should I stop taking fish oil tablets because I have reached the weight that I am most comfortable with, which is 195 pounds.

We are all looking for the best weight loss program out there, but for me this simple little routine of mine worked incredibly well and I encourage others who wants to lose weight to give it a go and you might be surprised by the results that you get.

So to conclude today’s post, I will tell you that I am not by any stretch of the imagination a physical trainer, nutritionist, or a qualified dietitian, but what I can tell you is what I have gone through and what has worked for me. The combination between the elliptical machine and the fish oil tablets has worked wonders for me and it could work wonders for you to. So if you’re a person that is wanting to lose a few pounds give it a shot, you have absolutely nothing to lose except your body fat.

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