Keep knees healthy and avoid surgery

The knee is one of the most important joints of the human anatomy. Although it is one of the most important joints of the human body many of us take it for granted.

If you take a moment and just think about it, without the complexity of the knee, human life would be completely different. The knee is put together in such a way that sometimes I wonder, how on earth did the design of the knee formulate when human species evolved. Basically it’s put together and put in place by virtue of strong rubberlike fibers we call ligaments.

It has been said that the knee is the main excuse given when people are asked, “do you exercise?”, for not exercising. I am sure that during some time in our lives we have all heard this either from ourselves or from other people but the fact is although you might have bad knees it is no excuse for being in active. One just needs to know how to treat the knee especially if one has incurred a knee injury.


As for myself, I have suffered 2 ACL injuries, resulting in torn ligaments, which took me eight months to rehabilitate. If you are participating in a sport that requires a lot of movement, especially sudden movements one needs to be aware that the knee is only able to take so many sudden stops or twisting motions until the knee tells you to “stop I can’t take it anymore”. It always amazes me when people tell me that they have a knee injury and yet they are doing deadlifts in the gym, that’s absolutely crazy. Aside from making the knee worse, they will also be putting a strain on their bank accounts, because treating an injured knee , and all the physio therapy that has to be done does not come cheap. If one does not have health insurance, an ACL injury could cost up to $11,000. Thankfully I have insurance which covered most of my costs involving ACL tear.

If you have a knee injury or ACL injury it goes without saying that you should avoid high impact sports or exercises so that your knee has the time to repair itself. But some people will never learn. There are many other exercises or physical activities that you can do in the meantime that will be beneficial for your physique and your cardiovascular health, other than doing activities that will put pressure on the knee itself.

In saying this, not all people that suffer from painful knees have been injured in an exercise or sports activity. Things such as medical conditions, such as arthritis, obesity, bad muscle formation and the simple overuse of the knee can cause serious havoc to your knee health.

Although my ACL injury happened many years ago, the most important thing that I learned in order for me to take care of my knees before I start exercising or doing any sports activity is to “stretch”. It has been proven over and over that stretching before exercise will reduce the possibilities of you developing knee pain or any form of knee injury. I cannot overstate this anymore. Doing stretches or even participating in a yoga class before doing any form of strenuous motions will almost always prevent any form of knee injury or ACL injury. The point is to warm up your entire leg, meaning doing stretches from quadricep stretches to hamstring stretches, it’s all beneficial and it will help you in the long run to maintain full function of the knee. Stretching will also help in strengthening the knee joint hence making a recovery more speedier. One of the supplements that I recommend in you taking, if you are suffering from a knee injury is to take L glutamine. L glutamine is a supplement taken by many athletes since its properties is to help repair soft tissue in the human body.

So the long and short of it is, is to stay away from high impact exercise movements such as weight training, running on hard surfaces like a road which puts pressure on all of the joints especially the Knee joints. And be patient, patience is key here. It’s only normal for any of us to want to be fully functional but it’s equally important to be aware of how the body works and how it’s feeling and what it’s prepared for. There is no sense in adding extra pressure to a bad knee simply because you are frustrated or impatient, simply wait it out do the right things and let your knee rehabilitate to its normal self again.

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