Supplements you are in: which are the best and which are not

Supplements, which work best?

One simply needs to walk into in the supermarket, and it wont be long until you reach a certain part of that specific supermarket to find the supplements nutritional area.


Most companies that make supplements, meaning nutritional supplements are plain and simply there to make money for themselves and that’s about it. It is up to you, the consumer to educate yourself in order for you to find what is best for your body and for your health. We have all seen these magnificent ads on TV, where supplement companies are trying to sell you the best product made by man. They all claim to do wonders for your physique, your fitness level and seems like an absolute dream if you were to take it. Once you buy and take this “dream product” you soon realize that eating a bag of chocolate would of been more beneficial to health than this supposed miracle product that you have just bought.

In this post I will attempt to give you an educated point of view in regards to some supplements that are to my opinion beneficial and ones that are to my opinion not so good. Now, if you have been around on this earth for quite some time, you would at some point in your life taken a nutritional product that is beneficial, or should of been be beneficial to your health. The ones that I am going to write about today are ones that I have tried and tested and of course researched. Keep in mind I will be speaking about those supplements that are beneficial for both men and women.

Because most of us live busy lives due to work responsibilities or family responsibilities, most of us do not place emphasis on what we eat or how we should eat and what nutrients and vitamins we should consume in order to have a healthier body. There are many vitamins and supplements that cater for both men and women and normally it is a supplement or a vitamin or nutrient, that one should take on a daily basis.

The first one I’ll mention which to me is at the top of any list. It is the supplement called CoQ10. CoQ10 or “coenzyme Q10” is one of the best vitamins or supplements that one can consume. CoQ10 has developed a very good reputation amongst doctors and nutritionists due to its fantastic properties. CoQ10 is well-known to restore the immune system, to fight inflammation, and believe it or not it helps in losing weight. CoQ10 can be bought virtually anywhere, one can buy it at Walmart at your local supermarket and of course your local pharmacy.

Another vitamin that is seldomly heard of but is extremely important is vitamin D. When I first heard of the importance of vitamin D was when I had a blood test done, and when I got my results, my vitamin E levels were nine, the normal levels would be anywhere between 30 and 100. This is a massive concern because a deficiency in vitamins D means that one’s health may be at risk so now I am taking 2000 mg per day in order for me to restore my vitamin D levels to normal. Thank goodness I found this out before something serious happened to me.

The next one is a probiotic. Once again I learned at a very late stage in my life that probiotics is one of the most important supplements that one can take in order to restore normal functionality of your intestines. A probiotic is essential to keep bad bacteria in its place and at normal levels. If one has too much bad bacteria in your digestive tract one could easily develop all sorts of ailments. The probiotic taken daily, can reduce the chances of you developing colon issues now and much later in life. Now that I have mentioned the good supplements I feel it that it’s necessary to mention the bad ones to, or what I consider bad due to the research I’ve done and what I’ve experienced in my own life.

The first one I’ll mention is vitamin E. There is a certain myth that is surrounded by vitamin E because although it has been proven in test labs that vitamin E is beneficial in regards to heart health, when it came to human experimentation it proved to be almost useless. There is a general conception that vitamin E also helps with the prostate and that to, has proven to be false. There have been many case studies done by universities in the United States and abroad that conclusively states that vitamin E on its own has no beneficial impact on one’s prostate or one’s heart. This being said it’s important to note that these opinions are theories and not conclusive evidence. So feel free to take vitamin E if you believe it helps you but it’s only my opinion that it hasn’t proven scientifically to be beneficial.

My next one is Tribulus Terrestris. Now for those of us who are doing endurance sports or sports involving power and speed this Tribulus TerrestrisĀ gained a lot of attention due to its claim that it will boost one’s testosterone levels, which in turn will help you in sports and in other areas in life. I took TT to boost my strength for almost 6 months and received no benefits from it at all in fact, once I stopped taking TT that’s when I started feeling stronger to tell you the truth. Once again in the labs tested on animals sure it worked very well, but in the human capacity it showed minimal, almost no results at all. So if I were you wanting to boost testosterone levels within myself,Ā I would search for an alternative route. But I won’t discourage anyone for trying it at all in fact, try it and if it works for you good, but if he doesn’t remember I told you so.

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