Health And Fitness in Sports : Benifits

One’s health Related to Sports

First off let me say, thank you for visiting my blog. The reason for me starting this blog is to give my own take on sports health and fitness in general. I like many other people in the world have been participating in a sport of some kind since a young age . The reason why I have decided on specifically “sports health”, is that sports on its own plays a very big role in American culture, not just American culture, but the world culture as a whole.

My Kid playing soccer

Regardless of which sport you play very few of us especially at a young age see the benefits of playing a specific sport, especially a sport that is of high tempo, gets the heart beating faster, and lets the juices flow in oneself. We seldomly put the physical action of sport in the foreground of our minds, and seldomly think about the benefits that are derived from a sport in regards to one’s health. Most sporting activities have been proven to be beneficial not only for one physical body, but it’s been proven over and over and over again that playing a specific sport whether it be once a week or five times a week is extremely beneficial to one’s mental health to. What I aim to create in this blog is an “educated opinion” in regards to this extracurricular activity that we call sport, whether you are participating in basketball, football baseball athletics or any other sport. My aim is to gather as much information regarding specific sports movements, nutrition, supplements and anything else that is sports related concerning health and fitness. Now that I have come to a tender the age of 40, I realize even more so that participating in a sport, especially a sport that raises your heart rate to a safe level is as beneficial to you or to me as taking the best supplement vitamin that is around. Physiotherapists, sports fitness technicians and basically the entire medical sphere of doctors have agreed upon and have proven that sport playing a sport in general will give you longevity in life.

In saying this, I will try to take the myths out of magic exercise routines that will make you lose 20 pounds in two weeks take the myths out of supplements and nutritional products that promise you the world and give you nothing in return. I will also cover comments sports injuries and how they occur and what to do to prevent them in the future all how is the best way to recuperate from a specific injuries. I will try and give you as many references as possible so that one meaning you, can go back and see where the specific information came from in the first place.

Unfortunately amongst the health and fitness industry there are way too many false promises. Too many snake oil salespeople trying to sell you the next best thing.

There are no quick fixes in regards to obtaining a healthier stronger more vital body than eating correctly and being physical regardless if that physical part is playing a sport or doing aerobics in front of your TV or at the gym. So let’s take the first step in creating a healthier body and a healthier mind, by accumulating the facts and putting it into simple layman terms.

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